Q&A for Employees

We are working to post answers to questions we receive as quickly as possible. Please check this website frequently to ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date information.


Student Loan and IRS Garnishments Suspended

3/26/2020 - 8:34 p.m.: In order to assist in these difficult times, a federal order has been issued to suspend student loan and IRS garnishments from your paychecks. The suspension periods are:

  • Student loan garnishments are suspended for 60 days.
  • IRS garnishments are suspended through July 15, 2020.

Both suspension periods begin with the March 31, 2020 paycheck.

General Questions

Q: Which training do special area teachers take? Elementary K-5 or Elective/CTE?

All teachers will take same training on Thursday and Friday. We hope they will collaborate with each other virtually.

Q: Will office hours be assigned or can teachers determine their own hours?

Teachers can determine their own hours. We would like to teachers to be available for students at least three hours per day.

Q: If teachers at the elementary level are team teaching, how will they facilitate lessons?

It will be up to the teachers. Principals are giving teachers flexibility to work together.

Q: If a long-term sub is covering a class, who will facilitate the learning for those students?

The substitute will provide the instruction; the district is paying long-term subs.

ERPLs, PLCs, Technology and Master Schedules

Q: Are ERPLs excused for the remainder of the year?


Q: My understanding is that we are still allowed to do weekly ePLCs. This should come the building-level principal, correct? Thus, the need for some type of schedule so we can ePLC consistently?

All admin and teachers will be trained to use Microsoft Teams. You can ePLC through this platform.

Q: Will ePLCs be implemented in Microsoft Teams by grade level or created by someone in the technology department?

All instructional personnel will be trained in Microsoft Teams this week so teachers should be setting these up.

Q: Other than their computers, what will teachers need to pick up from their classroom?

Any resource material they may need for their content area. Examples include teacher manuals (online as well), class rosters, and student accommodations (ESE, 504, ELL) to ensure needs are met in a virtual format.

Q: Are we allowed to set up a master schedule for the ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies block to support the ICP for consistency? My take is teachers are supposed to work from 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. daily. Does there need to be a set schedule of their instructional time for us to support and conduct necessary evaluations?

Work with your teachers on your site to determine a schedule. Check in frequently with your teachers virtually. Teachers do not have a set work schedule.


Q: Is there a specific plan in place for grading ICP packets. If not can we devise a school-based plan? Are teachers taking attendance or grades?

We are still working on how to grade the student work. Please allow us to review and let you know.

Relating to Students

Q: How do we handle new student enrollments?

You may continue to enroll new students. You may make appointments with parents to ensure numbers in the office are not exceeded.

Q: Currently, if a student is enrolled in a Volusia Online Learning course or a campus online lab, all tests are required to be proctored on site by a lab teacher. Will schools receive revised procedures?

Yes, Melanie Kestory will send something out.

Q: If households have three students and each student’s daily activities 180 to 240 instructional minutes, how will they all access the content each day with one device or limited broadband connectivity, or no parents at home to support them during the day with signing on and attending to the tasks?

Students can work in shifts and/or utilize the paper packets that are available.

Q: We would like to do a drive through book checkout. My media specialist has created an online form and parents or students can request books and we will put them in bags and hand them to them when they drive up. We can do it one day a week. Are we allowed to do this?

No, digital only due to possible contamination issues. Christine Cyrier is working with media specialists on this.

Questions Regarding Specific Job Roles

Q: Where are the “one post per day” messages from Counselors, TOAs, Media Specialists going to be posted? Is it on Canvas (These folks are not used to this site so just wanted to clarify) or is it to our school social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) or our school website or all of the above?

This is a school-based decision.

Q: How will special area teachers function in this new capacity? Should they be assigned to grade levels to help support teachers?

We will create shells for special area teachers in Canvas and they will be trained on how to upload lessons, documentation, course work, etc.

Q: What do the secondary reading teachers do?

Reading teachers are considered intervention. Teachers should be working with the ELA teachers and supporting their students virtually through office hours, etc.

Q: I did not see any mention of Title I intervention teachers as far as what they are supposed to be doing. Will they be following the SF/ESOL daily work of connecting with general education teachers and students to deliver their support?

This is a school-based decision. Would work with your intervention teachers to find out how they best can be used.

Q: What are we going to do about gifted EPs and how will teachers access pink folders when they are not onsite? Is that something that they can check out? Especially since our EPs and IEPs are not up to date online…

Cindy Garber is working on a plan for gifted and will be emailed to you. Pinks may not be checked out. Teachers may make copies of pages they need when they pick up their resources.

Q: I have a vacancy in my Spanish class. Will Spanish be offered on Canvas?

We do not have Spanish on Edgenuity; This falls in line with other elective courses. If you have a long-term substitute, they need to attend training this week and can contact Grace Kellermeier for support.

Q: I know that details are still being worked out on many things, including AP/IB/AICE, but if I have AP/AICE teachers who wish to supplement their online instruction with take-home items such as practice exams, etc. that they usually would give this time of year, are they able to do that?

Yes, remember the accelerated courses are teacher created.

Field Trips

Q: Should we cancel our May field trips as well?


Q: Should we cancel our end of the year field trips if we can secure refunds now instead of waiting to see if we physically come back to school?



Q: Is the Copy Center still operating? Can teachers send materials there electronically to be copied for pickup at the school site?

No. We are strongly encouraging teachers to utilize the provided materials.