Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

What is BYOT in Volusia County Schools?

The Bring Your Own Technology BYOT program allows students, schools, and classrooms to use their own devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.) to connect to the district's BYOT network. Did you know that all schools in Volusia County have access to the BYOT network? This access allows students to enhance and extend learning opportunities inside and outside of their classroom. Teachers have the flexibility to determine when BYOT is appropriate, relevant and aligns to their instructional objectives. BYOT is an opt-in resource, the network is available at all school sites, and schools have individual processes in place for when access is deemed appropriate. Teachers can seek support and guidance from their school's Digital Learning Teacher Leader (DLTL) or Personalized Learning Leader (PLL) for web-based resources that promote meaningful use of technology. 

Teachers facilitate the use of student devices by integrating Web 2.0 tools, Internet research, and applications to engage students in the curriculum content and collaboration with peers.

BYOT access provides students with opportunities to utilize their personal technology resources to support teachers and administrators as they prepare students to develop real-world, 21st-century skills.

Read how Teachers put student technology to work and examples of how BYOT is being implemented!



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BYOT Student & Parent Guide

BYOT Student & Parent Guide is available for BYOT teachers to distribute to parents.