1:1 VCS Student Device FAQ

Below is you will find the most up-to-date answers for the most frequently asked questions regarding our 1:1 device initiative. If you have additional questions, please contact your school.

What is needed to pick up my device?

To receive a device, students and parents must complete the VCS Device Check-Out & Acknowledgement Form.

Can a Parent pick up a laptop for a student?

To ensure that student is receiving the laptop, directly, we are requesting the student picks-up the laptop upon the school’s planned distribution day. If you cannot make the distribution times, please reach out to your school.

How and when do I pick up my device?

Each school has devised their individualized distribution plan. If your child has missed their opportunity for pick-up, please contact the school.

What if my laptop is damaged?

Please contact your teacher if your laptop is damage. Students are responsible for any intentional damage or the loss of their laptop. Laptops may be examined periodically for damage and fees may be issued if damage is found beyond normal wear and tear. Fees for damages are as follows:

Tier 1 – Mild ($50) – missing/broken charger, broken hinges

Tier 2 – Moderate ($125) – broken palm rest, broken keyboard, broken base enclosure

Tier 3 – High ($225) – cracked screen

Tier 4 – Complete Replacement ($500) Lost/Stolen (No Police Report)/Water Damage

Can I see the inventory number of the device I checked out?

The device will be checked out in Destiny the same way textbooks are checked out, so students can see a record of what they checked out at any time inside the Destiny app in VPortal.

What if I do not have reliable internet access available at home, is there any assistance available?

Yes, the District is providing hotspots to eligible students. Please contact your school for more information. Students must qualify for the National School Lunch program (application).

What if a student or parent does not want the student to check out a device?

The parent will need to sign the ‘Device Refusal Letter’, provided by the school. Volusia County Schools respects families’ rights to make educational decisions for students. Volusia County Schools will provide digital access to your student to complete their schoolwork in person or via remote. It is strongly recommended that families check out the district provided device from their school. 

Each student is afforded the opportunity to receive a high-quality, durable device from Volusia County Schools. The student device will serve as a hub for Volusia County Schools’ instructional materials, software programs, and digital resources. Some of these resources, may not be available and fully functioning on a personal device. It is important to note; the laptop must be logged in with a Volusia County School ID and is etched with Volusia County School information. It is of little value for theft and cannot be reimaged or resold. Students will not be charged for normal wear and tear of the device.

Can I personalize my device?

Students are to not personalize any device by place stickers on the front lid. Students can write their first and last name on painter’s tape and place it on the bottom of the device and/or on their charger.

Can I use my own device?

Personal laptops will still be allowed for the rest of 2020-2021. Please understand that District issued devices will be used for state mandated tests like the EOC and FSA next year, which cannot be taken on a personal device because they need to have a secure testing platform installed. We encourage you to use your personal laptop at home for the things you do that are not school related and use your school issued laptop for schoolwork.

Do I have to bring my device everyday?

Yes, the expectation is that the students must bring their charged device to all classes, every day unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

Will the students be issued protective cases for the laptops?

The district will not be providing protective cases for the laptops.

Do ESE students have to participate?

The goal of our 1:1 device program is to provide equitable learning opportunities for everyone. If a parent is concerned regarding their students having access to a device, please call the school to identify a plan.

What if my child forgets to charge the battery?

We ask that devices be charged at home. A limited number of power outlets will be available in some classrooms and spaces like the media center, but the expectation is that students arrive on campus with fully charged devices.

Can students 18 years or older sign the Device Check Out form?

Unless there are extenuating circumstances where the 18-year-old no longer resides with the guardian, the guardian is expected to sign all documentation related to the device check out process.