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Our Vision

Perform as the industry leader in technology, information and innovation.

Our Mission

​Leverage technology and information to support superior learning opportunities.

Message from the Director

"The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles."  
-Oren Harari

With Innovation, constant evaluation and reflection are necessary for technology to remain relevant & efficient. Creative thinking, support for priorities, and consideration of the WHY, will be at the forefront of TS&I. With Technology, one thing remains certain, it is always in a constant state of change. In a time where even one-second is now too slow, solutions and adaptability are extremely necessary. Technology Services & Innovation is a special department that bridges the needs of every-single employee and student in this district. Daily we will ensure communication is priority and our students learning remains center focus.  Through the relationships we build, our team will work with each school and district department to evaluate core-business and learning functions to align with the available technology hardware, software, and support to ensure efficiency and productivity remain possible.  Please join me on Twitter @VCSLearn2Tech to see examples of amazing learning opportunities provided for our students as well as engage in conversation around Technology Services & Innovation's vision and mission.

-Mike Cicchetti​

Departmental Teams

Learning Technologies

Led by Ms. Caitlyn Distler, this team of instructional technology specialists works most closely with teachers and students to drive personalized learning environments through the use of tech tools, blended learning, digital content, and BYOT. The focus is on the learning. Professional learning is driven and measured by the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and the implementation of the Digital Classroom Plan (DCP).

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Field Support & Web Services

Under the direction of Mr. David Creech, the team of user support analysts (USAs) works diligently to make tech service requests and repairs a priority for supporting the seamless integration of technology into instruction. This team is integral to the district's technology plan by choosing and deploying the right device to support the learning. His staff also supports the schools and district with web design and cybersecurity.

Central Print & Copy Center

Under the direction of Ms. Betty Shepherd, our district's central copy center provides professional services for schools and departments to minimize costs and reduce waste through efforts to "go green." Learning is fully supported through the use of internet remote print access for timely volume printing, binding and laminating.

Infrastructure & Application Development

Superior 21st century learning is driven by an infrastructure that gives students and teachers access to digital learning at any time from any place. Mr. Alex Kennedy is driving this vision of universal access to increase student achievement and solve problems through the virtualization of data storage, increased cybersecurity, and expanded Internet capability across the district. In addition, this team is working collaboratively to develop digital applications that interact seamlessly with systems and networking to deliver all customers a high-quality product to support superior learning and operational environments.

Departmental Priorities

  1. ​Provide a consistent budget with which to plan strategic deployments of student hardware to accompany increased digital tools access and/or district goals for equitable access to 21st century learning tools.
  2. Demand vendor support of district standards for account creation, student data, SSO, and interoperability through our partnerships with IMS Global, EdFi, and FLCODE.
  3. Provide transparency for all money budgeted and spent from TS & I's annual budget.
  4. Lead and support a district-wide shift related to technology functionality to better maximize its impact on learning & business.

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Department Contacts

Customer Support
For Technical Support and General assistance
Phone: (368) 734-7190 Ext. 20000

  • Option 1: General and Password Assistance
  • Option 2: FOCUS or Student Information Support
  • Option 3: ORACLE or ERP
  • Option 4: Other Technical assistance including hardware and software

Administrative Secretary
For departmental information
Phone: 386-734-7190 ext. 20114