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Community Involvement

Community Involvement in the Volusia County Superintendent Search Process

The Volusia County School Board sees value and relevance in involving community members including those who work in the school district in the search process. Below is a list of opportunities available to community members so that they can provide valuable input to this very important process of selecting Volusia County’s next Superintendent of Schools. As we work together to ensure that every child in our county has the opportunity for greatness, you are encouraged to get involved.

  1. Online Community Survey- This survey will be hosted on the District Website under the Superintendent Search Portal and would enable internal and external stakeholders to rate statements as to their importance and provide input through open ended questions on strengths, challenges, and issues facing the new Superintendent. Respondents would be asked to include their zip codes to identify the priorities of each community. The survey would be live from August 23- September 30.
  2. Internal District- Related Focus Groups. The FSBA Team will facilitate Focus Group Conversations to obtain information on District Strengths and Challenges as well as leadership characteristics desired in the new Superintendent. These Focus Groups would be identified by the Board and held in September 2019.
  3. Community Forums- The FSBA Team will facilitate 4 Community Forums during September 2019. These forums would be open to all stakeholders and held at locations throughout the county. Participants would provide input on District Strengths and Challenges as well as Leadership Qualities desired in the new Superintendent.
  4. Locations and times would be set on July 30.
  5. Superintendent Search Citizens Advisory Committee - The purpose of this Committee would be to identify a non-ranked list of applicants who meet the qualifications and qualities that are required and desired in the new Superintendent. The Committee would be composed of 25 members. Ten members would represent constituent groups identified by the Board. In addition, each Board Member would select three individuals to serve on the committee. The Committee would be selected by the Board on August 20 and complete its work between September 26- October 11 beginning with an organizational meeting with a Sunshine Law review by Mr. Doran. 
  6. Community Reception to meet the finalists- This reception will be an informal event held at a central location as part of the finalists’ interview process. After meeting the finalists, participants can provide input by listing strengths and questions on an input card. This information will be provided to each Board Member.

These opportunities for involvement demonstrate the commitment of the School Board to fully engage the Community in the process to select the new Superintendent.