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SY2019-2020 transportation eligibility and school bus schedules are currently under construction; will be made available August 1st, 2019.

For the safety of our students, families, and bus personnel, our bus routes are no longer public information. Alternatively, bus schedules will be distributed to all schools August 1, 2019.

New this year: Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten through second grade can also receive their student’s bus assignment at the scheduled “Meet the Teacher” event hosted at Elementary schools. Please refer to your school webpage to determine the date and time. We are exploring other options that will be released prior to August 1, 2019.

To be eligible for bus transportation, the residential address must reside two or more miles from their assigned school, be a participant in a designated Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program with an active Individual Education Plan (IEP) stating specialized transportation as a related service, or a 504 Plan that has been approved by the school principal or their designee.

Students who plan to ride the bus to and from school must first request transportation services at the school of enrollment. Please remember that unless your student's address information is current and accurate in the District's database, we cannot ensure he or she will be scheduled for transportation on the right bus to the right location. Correct information not only improves the safety of the transportation development, it also helps ensure your child receives the appropriate student services and that the District can reach you in the event of an emergency.

For questions or concerns pertaining to student transportation, please contact the appropriate personnel at our Transportation Offices.