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School health services are a public service provided to students in Pre-K through 12th grade. These services are considered to be both preventative, as well as treatment directed. School nurses and health aides address a constant flow of students entering the clinic with an assortment of health issues. Services include, but are not limited to: administration of medication; assistance with complex or chronic health conditions, including tube-feedings, catheterizations, and glucose monitoring; health screenings; health counseling; nursing assessments; meeting emergency health needs in each school; referral and follow-up of suspected or confirmed health problems; and consultation with a student's parent or guardian in reference to the need for health follow-up by a physician. These services are intended to supplement, rather than replace, parental responsibility, to encourage parents’ attention to their child’s health, to discover health problems, and to encourage the use of the services of physicians, dentist, and community health agencies. It is expected that children who receive services through the school health program will have fewer visits to physicians and emergency rooms, fewer days lost from school due to illness, as well as daily monitoring for chronic health conditions. All contribute to a better quality of life and assist the child with the learning process.


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