Project Investigating Biomes in Science (IBIS)

Project IBIS (Investigating Biomes in Science) is Volusia County Schools environmental learning program. Project IBIS includes three environmental learning centers located at three diverse habitats: Bicentennial Youth Park in Deland, Lyonia Preserve in Deltona, and Rose Bay in Port Orange.

The goal of Project IBIS is to provide hands-on learning experiences for Volusia County science students, to apply the concepts they are learning in the classroom to promote environmental awareness, and to motivate students to learn through advanced coursework. All labs and activities are aligned to the Biology Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and AP Environmental or AP Biology standards.

Field experiences range from birding, dip netting, measuring carbon dioxide and oxygen levels from plants using probe technology to fish identification. Through Project IBIS, students practice using scientific tools in the field, which include technology for data collection.

A major part of this program is teacher professional development. Throughout the year, teachers are invited to participate in trainings held at each of the three sites in order to enrich their lessons with real-world experiences they can share with their students.

Project IBIS Resources

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