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Sponsor: Ms. Yost

Meeting Time & Place: TBA

Girls on the Run

Sponsors: Mrs. Hancock

Meeting Time & Place: TBA

News Crew

Sponsor: Mr. Sanders

Meeting Time & Place: Media Center every morning from 7:45-8:05

News Crew gives eight​ 5th grade students an opportunity to collaborate with their peers to create and broadcast the Roadrunner News announcements every morning to the entire school. Each student learns the many jobs it takes to create a live news broadcast, including: news anchor, script editor, audio​ mixer, video mixer, camera operator, video editor, and critic.

Safety Patrols

Sponsor: Ms. Mack

Meeting Time & Place: TBA

The purpose of safety patrols is to provide support towards student safety on campus. The safety patrols are made up of 18 5th grade students who must obtain high academic achievement. During their time as patrols the students will collectively provide an average of 360 volunteer hours a month. They are required to patrol 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. They will also meet once a month to discuss patrol business.

Student Government Association (S.G.A)

Sponsors: Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Goodnoe

Meeting Time & Place: TBA


Sponsor: Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Stafford

Meeting Time & Place: TBA​

Yearbook is a club offered to 5th grade students. During the time in yearbook students will take pictures during special events, field trips, and school activities. Students will work together to develop yearbook pages using the pictures taken.