Fall Reopening Overview

School restarted in Volusia County Schools on August 31. This website will continue to be updated as a resource for families, employees, and the greater community.

Our innovative fall reopening plan has safety measures in place and options for students to learn either virtually or in a traditional classroom. The three learning options for this fall are Traditional Classroom Setting, Volusia Live (real-time live streaming), and Enhanced Volusia Online Learning. More details on each are available on the Learning Options page and other tabs on this site.

Please take some time reading through this site. There are answers to frequently asked questions, safety and health procedures, school/transportation/classroom procedures, videos featuring Parent Information Sessions for each level (elementary, middle and high school) and in Spanish, and information on how we will handle COVID-19 cases in our schools. There are also links to other important community resources.

In our Traditional Classrooms, we have kits with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, and we’ve rearranged classrooms, and added plexiglass partitions so desks can be socially distanced. Hallways have been set up to allow students to remain apart. Lunchtimes have been lengthened so that fewer students are in the cafeteria at the same time. There are new procedures for bus transportation and parent pickup.

We’ve adopted a face-covering policy. This requires students and employees to wear face coverings anytime social distancing isn’t possible. There are some exceptions, so be sure to review the policy.

For the virtual learning options, our Information Technology Services Department has upgraded our technology infrastructure, increased our licenses for our learning management system, Canvas, and uploaded all of our media resources into that system to give all students and teachers virtual access to textbooks and other instructional materials. Technical support is being provided to students in Volusia Live and Volusia Online Learning, as well as teachers.

Schools will be in close contact with families as we approach the start of school on Aug. 31. For specific, school-based questions, parents and students should regularly check their school website and social media accounts for updates.

Together, we will make this a great year for Volusia County Schools. Together, We Are Stronger!

1. Traditional Classroom Setting (as directed by FLDOE) with Health & Safety Guidelines

Students are in school five days a week, as directed by the Florida Department of Education, with health and safety guidelines in place.

2. Volusia Live (real-time live streaming) with Student's School of Enrollment (FLDOE approved)

Students remain at home but follow the same daily class schedule as their classmates who are in traditional school. Students participate in classroom instruction by logging in on a device, and engaging with their teacher and classmates virtually, by using platforms such as Zoom or Teams (real-time live streaming). These students log in and out on time for class every day. Attendance is taken, and students are expected to engage in classroom activities.

3. Enhanced Volusia Online Learning

This is an at-your-own pace, virtual option that has been available to VCS students for years. Volusia County teachers provide instruction in flexible formats. There is not a set schedule. Extra-curricular activities and clubs are available. Full-time enrollment for fall 2020 is closed at this time. Please visit volusiaonlinelearning.com for more information.

Thank you for working with Volusia County Schools during these challenging times. As always, we appreciate your patience in this unusual time.

"Together, We Are Stronger"


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