Employee FAQs

We are working to post answers to questions we receive as quickly as possible. Please check this website frequently to ensure you have the latest and most up-to-date information.


Q: Will teachers be trained?

Teachers will be trained during the extended 14 day preplanning.

Q: Are all teachers live streaming?

All Teachers will be trained to do so. This depends on if the teacher in grades 6-12 have students in Volusia Live or not. There may be times where all teachers 6-12 will need to but this all depends on enrollment in this option or the variable of students going in and out of this option. Grades PK-5 will be teaching only online students.

Q: Will students receive textbooks, workbooks, and devices in order to participate in Volusia Live?

Yes, VCS will be distributing student workbooks and will utilize the Canvas platform for individual assignments not in the workbooks. Deployment of the workbooks will be scheduled and announced in August.

Q: How will we handle parents that refuse to have their child wear a mask but insist that their children go back to brick and mortar?

Case by case with each situation. Please refer to Policy 503.

Q: Can students use the playground equipment?

Not at this time. We will provide an update when that changes.

Q: How long is our lunch block extended?

Lunch can be from 10 until 2 pm.

Q: Clubs:  will we need to  cancel after school clubs?

Practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines.

Q: Will students be checking books out from the media center?


Q: What about departmentalized classrooms that share textbooks? Will those classrooms be getting more textbooks?

There should be a textbook for every student.  Most books are consumable, so the reorder should include a book for each student.

Q: For the Volusia Live classroom, what will be shown in the live stream?

The live stream will be controlled by the teacher and should not have students on the webcam view -- only the teacher. The teacher will be in control of their camera and microphone. Under Florida law, it is against the law for students/parents to record the teacher providing instruction without their consent for use on social media or elsewhere.

Q: Will VCS hold Meet the Teacher this year?

Yes, they will be offered virtually.


Q: How will lunch and recess be handled?

Students will be asked to wash hands prior to entering the lunchroom and wear face coverings while waiting to get lunch. Hand sanitizer will be available prior to entering the serving line. Pre-packaged choices and wrapped utensils will be available for students.

Q: How will students be organized for arrival and departure?

As in the past, there will be a bus loop for bus riders and parent loop entrance for students walking or being dropped off on campus. Each school is developing its own individual plan to maintain social distancing while waiting for the bell in the morning.

Q: Will our air filtration systems be fitted with the highest rated air filters? 

Filters are changed based on the manufacturers recommendations, every 60 to 90 days depending on the system.

Q: What are the temperature requirements?

100.4 is where they have to go home, 100.3 they can stay.

Q: Are there any guidelines specific for portables? They are smaller and do not have sinks.

No specific guidelines, if soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer.

Q: How will breakfast be served?

Grab and Go breakfast at some sites that serve large numbers may be used.

Q: Should students face the same direction?

It is a good idea, but not required.

Q: Will food be prepackaged in SWC? Young children are unable to open packages by themselves. We often open food items and drinks from their lunchboxes and things use such package juice from SWC.

Yes, they will be pre-packaged and have a selection which is required by USDA.


Q: Security Drills: How will we handle our Code Red 2 and Fire drills this year?

The FLDOE Office ID Safe Schools will provide direction at a later date.

Student Services

Q: If there is a sick child in the clinic (symptomatic) and parent cannot be reached or refuses to pick up, how do we handle that?

Case by case basis.

Q: If someone is feeling anxiety about returning or having trouble coping, who do they contact?

Contact your administration and/or Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

Human Resources

Q: What are my options as a VCS employee if I don't feel comfortable returning to work?

There are several leave options available including:

For more information, please see the Employee Rights page, which includes information regarding leave.

Q: What is the recommendation for schools when we cannot find subs and need class coverage? (personal leave, not for COVID)

We currently have a pool of approximately 1000 subs. We are surveying subs to determine additional need.

Q: Regarding the employee survey, are the answers submitted on the survey binding as the survey asks for identifying information (name, work site, role, etc.)?

They are not binding, but should reflect TRUE intent. The identifying information was requested so that we can make specific decisions for specific sites. We understand that conditions are changing daily and circumstances can change, but we need a realistic idea of intentions to make plans.

Q: How are teachers to select their preferred option as the plan is fluid and there is uncertainty based upon COVID cases and enrollment numbers?

Teachers should answer the best they can with the information they have regarding COVID today.  We recognize this is real time data. The survey indicates preference which is important data to consider moving forward. Teachers should notify their administration if their circumstances change.

Q: Are employees offered free testing if necessary?

Information about COVID-19 testing guidance and a list of testing locations, including some that are free of charge, are available at www.volusia.org/testing. The website is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for up-to-date information.

Q: There is a possibility that many of us will be exposed over and over again.  How many times is FFCRA available for any of us?

FFCRA leave is available for up to 80 hours total.

Q: What about college interns?

At this time, we are still utilizing college interns.

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Q: Will IEP/ELL meetings be virtual?