Parent & Family Engagement is an Academic Intervention

Parent Education Facilitators collaborate with schools and the community to increase parent and family engagement in education by developing resources and activities that meet the needs of Title I families.  Parent Education Facilitators encourage families to stay involved with student curriculum and strengthen the partnership between the home, school, and community.

Additional Resources

Department Contacts

Sheila Rees, Project Manager for Parent Involvement
Phone: 386-822-7896 ext. 44740

Neville Schouburgh, Parent Education Facilitator
Phone: 386-822-7896 ext. 44737

Kerri Thompson, Parent Education Facilitator
Email: klthomp2​ 
Phone: 386-822-7896 ext. 44748

Cyndi Orlowski, Office Specialist II
Phone: 386-822-7896 ext. 44730