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Board Bites - November 15, 2022
5 Board members and Superintendent

From left to right: Carl Persis (SBM Dist-4), Jaime Haynes (SBM Dist-1 Vice Chair), Anita Burnette (SBM Dist-2), Dr. Carmen Balgobin (Superintendent of Schools), Linda Cuthbert (SBM Dist-3), and Ruben Colón (SBM Dist-5 Chairman)



Meeting was called to order at 4:32 pm by Chairman Ruben Colón.

  • Woodward Elementary School recited the Pledge
  • DeLand High School performed the National Anthem

Agenda Changes 

  • The superintendent recommends approval of the agenda. With moving the Action Item 20.03 to right after this vote.

Superintendent's Announcements and Comments

November 21, 2022 - November 25, 2022 - There is no school. Happy Thanksgiving! Classes resume on November 28th.

December 8, 2022 - High School Showcase at the Volusia County Fairgrounds.

The makeup instruction dates will be during the second semester. We will provide that information once a decision is made.

Administrative Appointments

The school board approved the following Administrative Appointments: 

Kristy Castellanos as Director, School Improvement & Transformation, Teaching, Leading & Learning

Administrative Appointment Kristy Castellanos


Brian Goddard as ESE Assistant Principal, DeLand High School (not pictured) 


Jodi Lewitt as Assistant Principal, Seabreeze High School

Administrative Appointment Jodi Lewitt


Heather Norris as Coordinator, Elementary Language Arts, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

Administrative Appointment Heather Norris


Audrey Delio as Manager, Software Applications, Technology Services

Administrative Appointment Audrey Delio


Mrs. Linda Cuthbert - This was Mrs. Cuthbert's last school board meeting. Each of the board members spoke about their time serving with Mrs. Cuthbert. Mrs. Cuthbert shared a moving speech about her experiences throughout her time serving on the school board and her time at Volusia County Schools. Mrs. Cuthbert taught for 25 years from 1986-2012 and she has served on the board for 8 years from 2014-2022! Superintendent Balgobin presented Mrs. Cuthbert with a beautiful digital photography work of art titled Flower Paradise. The work of art was created by New Smyrna Beach High School Sophmore, Oakley Gafford who is in Ms. Curry's art class. We sincerely thank Mrs. Cuthbert for her tireless work and dedication to Volusia County Schools. She has truly served with such grace and respect. 

Linda Cuthbert and Board Members
Ms Cuthbert Receiving a Work of Art
Work of Art Gifted to Ms. Cuthbert


Recognition of Staff - Mr. Thomas Robinson, ESE Teacher, DeLand Middle is going above and beyond so that students receive what they need by obtaining his CDL and bus driver training to make sure that his student has wheelchair-accessible transportation to off-campus programs.

Thomas Robinson Recognition
Picture of Thomas Robinson's Class


Recognition of Staff - Recognizing Tina Hackney, Media Specialist, Pine Ridge High, and Maria O'Brien, Media Specialist, Atlantic High for a robust, innovative library media program, integrated within a whole school instructional program.  They will receive the 2022 Florida Power-Library School award on December 1, 2022, during the Advocacy General Session of the annual Florida Association for Media in Education Conference in Daytona Beach.

Recognition Florida Power Library Media Specialists


Recognition of Schools - Pine Ridge High School and Volusia Online Learning improved their grades to a "B."

Recognition of Improved School Grade Schools


Recognition of University High School CTE Programs and Academies

Recognition of University High School CTE Programs


Public Participation Concerning Items on the Agenda

  • None

Removal of Items from Consent Agenda / Approval of Consent Agenda

  • The superintendent recommends approval of all items in the consent agenda.

Items removed from Consent Agenda

  • None

Human Resource Update

Job Description Change / Addition

Personnel Actions

Human Resources Update

Public Participation - 6:00PM

Board Action Items

  • 20.01 Recommended Internal Audit Plan and Risk Assessment: School Year 2022-23 or Fiscal Year 2023 - Passed
  • 20.02 Amended School Board of Volusia County, Florida Safety and Security Director Agreement 2022-2023 - Passed
  • 20.03 Approval of Impact Fees - Passed
  • 20.04 Adoption of School Board Policy 406 - Separation of Support Personnel - Passed
  • 20.05 Amended School Board of Volusia County, Florida Safety and Security Director Agreement 2022-2023 - Passed 
  • 20.06 Adoption of School Board Policy 411 - Staff Development - Passed
  • 20.07 Adoption of School Board Policy 419 - Payroll Policy - Passed
  • 20.08 Adoption of School Board Policy 510 - Safety and Security of Students, Personnel, and Property - Passed
  • 20.09 Adoption of School Board Policy 518 - Use of Electronic Information Services and School Office Equipment - Passed
  • 20.10 Adoption of School Board Policy 526 - Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Education and Screening - Passed
  • 20.11 Adoption of School Board Policy 703 - Allocation of Funds for Textbooks, Library Materials, and Other Instructional Materials and Supplies - Passed
  • 20.12 Repeal of School Board Policy 706 - Use of Telephone - Passed
  • 20.13 Adoption of School Board Policy 708 - Charges For Preparation of Transcripts - Passed
  • 20.14 Consideration of Beresford Avenue Extension Right-of-Way Dedication - Passed

Public Participation

Items from the Board

  • SBM Colón – Mr. Colon shared his appreciation for Mrs. Cuthbert
  • SBM Cuthbert – Mrs. Cuthbert spoke concerning the importance of Public Education and diversity. She wished everyone a happy holiday.
  • SBM Persis – Was not present during Items from the Board.
  • SBM Burnette – Mrs. Burnette thanked Mrs. Cuthbert for their time working together.
  • SBM Haynes – Mrs. Haynes thanked Mrs. Cuthbert. She also wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Next School Board Meetings

  • School Board Organizational Meeting

Monday, November 28, 2022, at 9:00 am in the Board Room, District Administrative Complex

  • School Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 4:30 pm in the Board Room, District Administrative Complex

Workshop/Work Session on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 12:30  p.m. 


Meeting Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Ruben Colón at 8:21 p.m.

During school board meetings, a live audio broadcast can be accessed from the School District of Volusia County’s website.

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Board Group and Dr. Balgobin

School Board Meeting Livestream



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