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Board Bites - September 13, 2022


5 Board members and Superintendent

From left to right: Carl Persis (SBM Dist-4), Jaime Haynes (SBM Dist-1 Vice Chair), Anita Burnette (SBM Dist-2), Dr. Carmen Balgobin (Superintendent of Schools), Linda Cuthbert (SBM Dist-3), and Ruben Colón (SBM Dist-5 Chairman)



Meeting was called to order at 4:34pm by Chairman Ruben Colón.

  • Beachside Elementary School recited the Pledge.
  • Atlantic High School Band played the National Anthem

Agenda Changes

  • None

Superintendent's Announcements and Comments

  • Thank you to the Lohman’s Partnership with MOAS
  • September 15, 2022 - Hispanic Heritage Month begins
  • September 27, 2022 - School Board Meeting (4:30 pm – 8:30 pm)


Administrative Appointments

The school board approved one assistant principal appointment. See below:

  • Leontyne S. Mason, Assistant Principal, Deltona Middle School



Quinn H. from Spruce Creek High School – Superintendent Heroism Award

Quinn receiving the Superintendent Heroism Award
Superintendent Heroism Award-Quinn Hemmerly with Spruce Creek High School Principal Dr. Sparger

Good For Girls Initiative – THANK YOU!

Good For Girls Initiative Recognition With Board Members

Recognition of Career, Technical Education – Atlantic High School

Atlantic High School Career Technical Education Recognition


Public Participation Concerning Items on the Agenda

  • None

Removal of Items from Consent Agenda / Approval of Consent Agenda

  • Passed

Items removed from Consent Agenda

Starke was pulled for further study.

Agenda items 9 through 16 can be seen by following this link. *

*To see the individual details of each action item, please follow these quick simple steps:

1. Click on this LINK

2. Click on the meeting box on the website -

School Board Meeting Agenda

3. Refer to the specific action item number (9-18).


Human Resource Update

Please click on the picture below to access the Human Resources Update

Human Resources Update 2022-2023


Public Participation - 6:00PM


  • 22.01 Presentation of the Recommended Final Volusia County Schools' Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2022-2023; and the Proposed Final District Ad Valorem Property Tax Levy
Volusia County Schools Final Public Hearing for Budget Adoption

Board Action Items

(Please click on this LINK and look for item 23 to see Board Action Items backup materials)

  • 23.01 Application: Unified School Improvement (UNISIG) Grant - PASSED
  • 23.02 Application: Turnaround Schools Supplemental Services Allocation (TSSSA) Grant - PASSED
  • 23.03 Resolution No. 2022-05: Levying the Final District Ad Valorem Property Tax Millage Rates for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 - PASSED
  • 23.04 Resolution No. 2022-06: Adopting the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Final Operating Budget for Volusia County Schools - PASSED
  • 23.05 FSBA Platform Submission - PASSED
  • 23.06 School Board Attorney Evaluation/Contract Follow-up - PASSED

Public Participation

  • Item 24.01

Items from the Board

  • SBM Colón – The last two weeks have been rough. We have students on campuses that do not belong on these campuses. The fact that someone would harm one of our staff members on purpose. How do we deal with this? What is an appropriate discipline? Ok, not 180 days in jail, but we need to look at our code of conduct and see what our minimums and maximums are. How do we compare with other districts? At this point, I feel that we are at a point where some of the kids’ fights are not going to be stopped. If they want to fight, they are going to fight. We need to make things more secure within the law. Our code of conduct is what sends the message to our community regarding what happens when their children break the rules.
  • SBM Cuthbert – I would like to know what we are allowed to do to increase measures to keep our kids and staff safe. What can we do? What are our options? What can we adopt and be able to carry through? Our students know very well not to touch. We need to be careful when we restrain in case we do it too hard. We are behind the eight ball with a lot of this as our public schools are becoming dumping grounds for students that other schools do not want. We have a very aggressive society. We need help from our partners and more funding for SEL. We need counselors and school phycologists. We also need our cities and municipalities to step up. It looks like the work is only left for the public school system to do this job of raising our children. We want community involvement. This is why SAC and SAF committees are so important. We have everything going for us but we need help as we are becoming the end-all How do we constructively and proactively communicate with our cities and the community to preempt some of these issues?
  • SBM Persis – We should not just look at one blanket punishment for all behavior. There are always unique circumstances with all kids. Everyone makes mistakes and we need to find out what the cry for help truly is. How can we work in looking more into the children’s individual needs? When we send some students to alternative education centers/schools, we do help them with behavior, but we still need to continue doing what we are in the business of, educating. We will not be able to save them all, but we must keep trying. Our recent incidents have been horrible… we have 64,000 students, we have seen a few bad incidents take place… maybe a few of the kids are the ones that are giving us the issues, but most of the kids are doing the right things and the kids are doing fine. When we were at the Central Florida Coalition meeting, they are all aware of what happens in the community all the time. The new style of security and safety being proposed by the Sheriff’s office allows for the schools to be more directly in touch with what is truly happening in the community. We need to help our kids in a way that is going to be beneficial to our kids. Our kids are not adults.
  • SBM Burnette – I agree with all that has been said. Maybe we should look into homeschooling or distance learning for some of the kids that do not belong in our schools.
  • SBM Haynes – Videos of student violence with other students. No remorse and no feeling bad. How can we say that we have zero tolerance and just send the kids out suspended for five days or ten days? How do we justify these consequences? Then we are asking kids who are good to go to other schools… having to leave their schools with a HOPE scholarship or NO HOPE scholarship… this is not right. I am tired of it and tired of seeing the videos. I am pleading for you, Dr. Balgobin, that we take a hard stand with those who are putting their hands on others and hurting others. We must keep our kids in school safe and our staff also safe. There must be consequences. If we let them back on campus and they will be going back to doing the same thing.

Next School Board Meetings

  • School Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 4:30 pm

Board Room, District Administrative Complex

Meeting Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 pm by Chairman Ruben Colón.

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Board Group and Dr. Balgobin

School Board Meeting Livestream



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