Volusia County School District and Volusia United Educators Bargaining Teams Met Today During Two Sessions

Picture of an empty conference room

VUE Support (Union Support Staff)

The District’s bargaining team met with Volusia United Educators this morning to discuss salary schedules for VUE support staff. Under the terms of a three-year contract signed on November 7, 2018, VUE support staff were scheduled to receive an average raise of 2.5% in the fiscal year 2020-2021. This raise should include a one-step increase to eligible employees with the remainder as an adjustment to the salary schedule. Included in the 2018 agreement were 5 contingencies that needed to be met as determined by the Chief Financial Officer, including an increase to the base student allocation of 3.5% or higher in order to award the raise. The Chief Financial Officer did certify that the conditions were met which would allow for an immediate raise as described above for our support staff to be implemented with retroactive pay to July 1, 2020. After presenting the VUE Support bargaining team with a memo certifying the raise and retroactive offer, VUE Support rejected the memo and the previously agreed upon contract language. VUE Support requested to reopen negotiations. The district’s bargaining team and VUE will meet October 19, 2020 to negotiate.

VUE Instructional (Teachers’ Union)

The district’s bargaining team met with Volusia United Educators this morning to begin negotiations regarding the Teacher Salary Increase Allocation. Under the legislation, 80% of the money allocated must be used to raise classroom teacher salaries to as close to $47,500 as possible. The remaining 20% of the allocation can be distributed among all teachers.  Volusia County Schools offered a package that included:

  • A minimum teacher salary of $44,428 for all teachers
  • 20% of the allocation to be distributed among all teachers
  • Retroactive pay to July 1, 2020
  • Certification that the BSA increase of 3.5% was met allowing for the conditions of the contract signed on April 4, 2019 to be implemented
  • Included in the conditions was an increase in the elementary teacher day of 15 minutes. The district proposed a consistent schedule for every school and a delayed implementation date no sooner than the beginning of the second semester.

VUE received the information provided by the district and asked clarifying questions, but made no counter offers. A future negotiation date was set for Tuesday, October 20, 2020.