Teaching Assistant Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Toy with whiteboard
Mr. Potato Head toy with duck statues


A Paraprofessional Teacher at Spirit Elementary, Ms. Ana Morales, had an amazing idea to support the engagement of one of her students. The student’s mom had reached out to say she had been having difficulties getting her son to do work at home. He was used to his classroom setting, especially a Mr. Potato Head he was very fond of. During packet pick-up Ms. Morales spoke with the student and he asked, “Where is Mr. Potato Head,” and without missing a beat she said, “He is at home with his family.” This conversation sprung an idea and before she left school Ms. Morales went and retrieved her Mr. Potato Head. She went home and started sending the student daily updates of Mr. Potato Head’s adventures when he completes his work. The student’s mom is happy to report that he is now working harder than ever.


Submitted by: Catherine Buccolo, Teacher on Assignment - Exceptional Student Education

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