Survey for Community Input Regarding School Start Times

The School District of Volusia County would like input from the community regarding school start times for all levels for the 2019-2020 school year. The change of schedule is due to many factors including a need to build in more time between bus routes to avoid late buses at the middle school level and the addition of 30 minutes to the elementary student day.

This survey will allow you to review and vote on three options recommended by a committee made up of teachers, parents, community members and district staff.

We understand this decision will have tremendous impact for our families and community and want to make sure all stakeholders have a voice.

The survey can be accessed by using these links (the first link is in English, the second in Spanish):

You can also find the link on the Volusia County Schools website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

This survey will be available for two weeks. It will be taken down on March 25 and presented in a special School Board workshop on March 28. The workshop starts at 2pm, followed by a School Board meeting to discuss the results at 5:30pm, which will include public comment.


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