Shell-A-Brating Mainland High School’s Grant Award

We are happy to announce that Mainland High School's Aqua Culture Division, of their Academy of Scientific Inquiry and Medicine (ASIM), has been awarded a $5000 grant by Sea Pact. Sea Pact, an organization dedicated to advancing seafood sustainability globally, recognized Mr. Daniel Luby's class project "Shell-a-Brate Good Times" as it focuses on inspiring students toward aquaculture careers. Their project will construct a hard clam hatchery with locally sourced materials. Students will design and implement plans to culture the hard clam from seed to nursery. They will subsequently follow the complete cycle from grow-out to market. A key outcome will be to increase awareness of the growing Florida bivalve aquaculture market to young students in an economically challenged region. The project aligns with Sea Pact's collective mission statement, particularly in the areas of community impact and the need to ensure a constructive ecological effect on aquaculture management. Further, the project has the full support of a dedicated and passionate group of professional educators. Mainland High School has a nearly 150-year history in the Daytona Beach/Volusia County region. Generations of the community have rallied, in and around the halls of the school, and support it with great vigor and passion.