Manatee Cove Students 'Facing the World with Love'

A teacher smiling at the camera while a student works at her table.

Manatee Cove Elementary has found a fun and effective way to help students with special abilities get the hang of wearing masks and extra hand-washing during the coronavirus.

“Facing the World with Love” is the name of the project, and its goal was to prepare students to be an integral part of their Manatee Cove community, said ESE teacher Maria Rosado, who organized the project with paraprofessionals Heather Murphy, Sandi Johnson, and Brittany Murphy.

A Mini Grant from the FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools paid for supplies. First, the class read a story about the coronavirus and the importance of wearing a face-covering to reduce transmission of the virus. Students then painted masks, created specialty soaps, and made bracelets as they were inspired to help keep themselves and their friends and family safe.

“The soap is part of a small, personalized kit so the students feel motivated to wash their hands, and the bracelets serve as a reminder to wash their hands and use their mask,” Rosado explained.

The students learned when they should wear a face-covering, such as when they go to the grocery store. Their teachers reassured them that although this is a different time in our lives, it won’t be this way forever.

In December, as the lesson wrapped up, the class celebrated with a social activity, and certificates were awarded. Thanks to FUTURES and their teachers, these students are now facing the world with more confidence and love!

A teacher smiling at the camera while two students work at her table.


Tie-dyed face masks made by students.


Materials used by students during a classroom activity.

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