IT'S A DEAL! School District And Trades Union Reach Settlement for Raises

Two people dressed in business suits are giving a handshake.

This evening negotiating teams for the Volusia County School Board and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) reached a settlement for this school year. AFSCME represents employees providing important support services, such as student transportation, maintenance, school food services and campus advisors.

The settlement provides average raise of 3% for this school year along with a $350 bonus. The negotiating teams also reached agreement on all other parts of the contract.

"Everything went well," stated AFSCME president Rita Ware. "We are all happy."

"This is a solid raise for this group of hardworking, hourly employees," stated Student Transportation Services Director Mitch Moyer. A higher percentage raise was also negotiated in the last cycle for trades staff than other employees because of their lower pay.

"I am so grateful to the members of both bargaining teams for getting a deal done for our employees," said Superintendent Tom Russell. "The union showed true leadership today. Everyone wins when we solve problems together in a reasonable way."