Code Red 2 Practice Lockdown Drills

safety alert banner

This is an important safety announcement from the Volusia County Schools.

During the Week of August 26-30, all Volusia County Schools will participate in a state mandated Code Red 2 practice lockdown drill and will continue monthly for the remainder of the year. Similar to other school safety drills, these Code Red 2 Lockdown Drills will continue unannounced monthly for the remainder of the year.

Prior to the practice lockdown drill, teachers at the elementary level will read a script to the students explaining how the practice lockdown drill will work.

Secondary students ONLY will see a short video before their practice lockdown drill.

Elementary school children will NOT be watching a video. And, at the secondary level, if there is a group of fragile students identified that the video doesn’t seem appropriate to view, the teachers should use the elementary script for those students in the secondary schools.