Biodegradable Initiative Launches at Osceola Elementary

Starting October 21, 2019 Osceola Elementary will begin a brand new environmentally friendly project using biodegradable trays. What is a biodegradable tray? A “biodegradable” product is engineered to break down, safely and quickly, into raw materials and disappear into the environment.

What does this mean for students?

  1. No more styrofoam trays!
  2. No more straws!
  3. Food items will be served directly on the new trays!
  4. Students will grab individual utensils from new dispenser


  1. Positive impact on the environment
  2. Less plastic being hauled off to the landfill
  3. Made from renewable plants and various vegetable oils
  4. No toxins used in the process or in the final product