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When hosting an online Teams meeting with my students, how can I ensure students can’t mute others or remove others from a meeting?

Great question! To deter students from these types of behaviors, you can change their role in a meeting to an attendee. Attendees are not able to mute others or remove others from a meeting. Additionally, the role of attendee limits the ability for a student to sharing content on their device before the teacher is ready. The student can be promoted from attendee to presenter when they might need to share content from their device with the class. As students are joining the meeting, right click the ellipse (triple dots) and change to attendee. You will need to do this for each student. Here’s a quick video to help with the process: Change to Attendee Mode.

When hosting an online Teams meeting with my students, who can record the meeting?

Only staff can record an online meeting; student accounts do not have the ability to record a meeting.


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The following information will provide more clarity on progress monitoring features that are available for teachers, for example, reset, retake, and bypass features. 

We urge you to pay careful attention to the results of using these features in various case scenarios and communicate with students prior to making those changes. 

Reset vs. Re-take: What is the difference? When should each one be used?

  • RESET is used when a teacher wants a student to redo an activity like a warm-up, instruction, assignment, etc for the purpose of remediation. The student can go back and go through the activity like the first time. The student will not be allowed to move forward to the assessment (quiz) until they have completed the assignments that teacher “reset”. Reset should NOT be used for assessments. 
  • RE-TAKE is when you want to give a student another chance at an assessment (quiz) because they have used up the allotted 2 retakes set for a quiz. The program will ALWAYS keep the highest score even if the student earned a lower score on a retake. Edgenuity recommends no more than FOUR retakes. There is a test bank and once a student completes their fourth retake, they have used up the assessment bank. 

*Important: DO NOT use RESET for Assessments. This will clear all quiz scores and if the student gets a lower score in a reset Edgenuity will keep that score as the student’s new score.

Resetting Activities-

See detailed instructions:  

Adding Retakes-

See detailed instructions: 

BYPASS: What if I BYPASS an activity?

  • The BYPASS function can be used by educators to allow a student to skip over an activity. When used, the activity is removed out of the course for that specific student and it will no longer count against the student’s overall grade. As a result the due dates will be removed for the bypassed assignments and the calendar will adjust for future due dates. In addition, when bypassing an activity, the program will remove that content from the corresponding assessment. An educator, with this permission, can also remove a bypass on an activity if it was done in error. 

Adding Bypasses & Removing Bypasses-

See detailed instructions:

Video: Using Grading Functions in Edgenuity

Using Gradebook Edgenuity-

Please keep in mind that these features may not need to be used at all. 

In addition, a common issue expressed by students and their parents is the inability to proceed past an assignment or being "locked out." In a majority of these cases, it is the student not completing all required questions and interactions within the activity. In these cases, it may be helpful to walk the student through the material to ensure thorough completion. 
We hope you find this information helpful in progress monitoring your students. If you have specific questions on content in Edgenuity, please contact your curriculum specialists.