Pathways to the Principalship

Opportunities for professional growth are available through our district's Human Resources Management and Development Program, Pathways to the Principalship. This four-phase program offers support and training to teachers, district-based administrators, assistant principals, principal interns, and principals.

Phase I focuses on development and leadership skills of teachers and district-level administrators. It requires self-assessment activities and competency acquisition. Core requirements, administrative application and the screening and selection process are completed after the applicant has obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.

Phase II provides a leadership development support system for assistant principals. Programs include self-assessment and are linked to the William Cecil Golden Educational Leadership Program and other workshops and online opportunities.

Phase III offers an in-depth, two year internship program to assistant principals and district-level administrators. The program is based on the ten (10) Florida Principal Leadership Standards and other identified competencies. Successful completion of this program leads to Florida certification as School Principal.

Phase IV provides current principals with activities and training to support their position as instructional leader.

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