VCS Impact Coaching Program

Volusia County's Coaching Program Mission Statement:

To serve school-based coaches and teachers by providing meaningful support through positive, collaborative, and encouraging interactions.

The goal of VCS's Instructional Coaching Program is to accelerate the development of teacher effectiveness, improve teacher retention, build teacher leadership, increase student learning, and support equitable outcomes for every learner.

The district coaching team provides monthly professional learning and in-field coaching.

The In-field Coaching Cycle is amongst the most powerful work we do in VCS.

The Coaching Cycle:

  • Provides systematic alignment of processes for coach growth and development
  • Focuses on continual improvement
  • Provides job embedded, 1:1 feedback and support that research shows is most effective in impacting practice.
  • Structures processes that can be adapted to include evaluation and/or supervision of coaches

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Department Contacts

Lyndi Goepfert, Coordinator
Phone: (386)255-6475 ext. 33223

Shontell Woods, Teacher on Assignment
Phone: (386)255-6475 ext. 33262
Christine Richard, Teacher on Assignment
Phone: (386)255-6475 ext. 33225
Soraya Valle, Teacher on Assignment
Phone: (386)255-6475 ext. 33263
Nikki Araujo, Office Specialist
Phone:  (386)255-6475 ext. 33222