Migrant Education (Title I, Part C)

Migrant Service's Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership and assistance to local schools and migrant families by implementing programs and services that ensure all migrant children an opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.


Migrant Child Definition

Children/Youth between the ages of 0-21 years old that have moved with or to join a family member/guardian, or on their own at any time in the last 36 months to seek or obtain work in agriculture or fishing.


  • Birth to 21 years of age
  • Eligible for public school
  • Not graduated nor obtained a GED

The Migrant Education Program may be able to help you!  To be recruited for enrollment please contact our department at (386)734-7190 ext. 22668 or ext. 22670.

Migrant Central Office Location

McInnis Elementary
5175 US Highway 17
DeLeon Springs, Florida 32130


MSIX ID Cards are now available for all current migrant students.


The REACTS Support Center offers migrant staff, school personnel, parents and students information, advice and guidance on the exchange of school records for migrant students.

Migrant Student Information Exchange ​ ​1-866-878-9525

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    Department Contacts

    Emily Taylor, Migrant Advocate / TOA
    Phone: 386-734-7190
    Extension: 22670



    Jennipher Nieves, Migrant Data Clerk/Recruiter
    Phone: 386-734-7190 
    McInnis: 22668 
    Pierson: 22317
    Highbanks: 44734