Visual Supports For Home and School Environments

Visual supports are used at school, home, and in the community to support student learning, communication, social skills, and behavioral regulation. Here, parents and educators will find frequently requested visual tools ready for use in their classrooms and homes. Teachers can continue to customize materials by using the  VAATT Visual Support Request Form.

About Visual Supports

Home Environment

Behavior and Emotional Regulation

Calming And Taking A Break



Conscious Discipline


Contingency Maps


First Then


Five Point Scales


Problem Solving






Social Stories


We Are Going To


Whole Body Listening


Schedules and Checklists

Daily Schedules


First Then


Routines and Schedules


We Are Going To


Visuals to Facilitate Communication and Support Academics



Core Boards


Food Choices


Visuals to Support Academics

School Environment

Arrival and Circle Time
Classroom Rules
Core Vocabulary Communication Boards
Grooming Boards
Lunch Choices
Wait - Help - Break Cards
First - Then Cards
I Am Working For Board


We Are Going To Sign and Jobs/Helpers