McKay Scholarships

Your child may be eligible for a voucher under the McKay Education Act. By participating in the McKay Scholarship Program, your student may be able to attend a different public school in your district, attend a public school in an adjacent district, or receive a scholarship to attend a participating private school. However, to obtain the voucher you are required to give up all rights, programs and services afforded you by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

General and application information are available at the Florida School Choice website.

Please contact the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice (IEPC) if you have any questions regarding Florida School Choice Programs. Toll-Free Information Hotline: 1-800-447-1636

McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship Student FSA/EOC Registration

Students enrolled in private schools through the John McKay Scholarship for students with disabilities Program (McKay Scholarship Program) or the Gardiner Scholarship Program may choose to participate in the Spring 2019 administration of the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), End of Course Exam (EOC), and/or the Statewide Science Assessment. This testing is optional and will be offered free of charge.

For more information, please click on our Parent registration form.

If you wish for your child to participate in any of these tests, you must complete the online registration form and submit it no later than Friday, February 28, 2020. The registration form may be accessed via the following link Private School McKay Program Test Registration. Late registrations will not be accepted. Once your student is registered, his/her student information will be verified, and the request disseminated to the appropriate home-zoned school. You will be required to call the school's testing coordinator to find out the days/times to bring your child in to test.

For questions regarding FSA/EOC registration for private school students, please contact the Volusia County McKay Scholarship and Private Schools Program office.

McKay Scholarship District Contacts

Cheryl "Lou" Coleman
Phone: (386) 734-7190 ext. 44020

Debra Lane
Phone: (386) 734-7190 ext. 44013