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3 - Dismissal Process

How does a student return to school after Hospital/Homebound?

If a student is returning to school because Hospital/Homebound services are expired based upon the physician’s medical referral, the parent will need to schedule an appointment at the zone school to reregister the student for courses on campus unless an alternate school choice program has been selected by the parent. This needs to be done in a timely manner since school attendance will continued to be monitored during the transition period.

Once the student has reregistered at school, grades that were earned while on Hospital/Homebound will be shared with the zone school. In addition, an Individual Education Plan meeting will be scheduled with the parent to dismiss the student from Hospital/Homebound.

Can a student return to school from Hospital/Homebound earlier than anticipated?

Absolutely! The Hospital/Homebound office will communicate with the physician regarding updated medical information related to dismissal from Hospital/Homebound services. An Individual Education Plan meeting will be scheduled to discuss dismissing Hospital/Homebound services and transitioning the student back to school.