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2 - Referral Process

My child’s physician has recommended Hospital/Homebound. What are the next steps?

  1. Once the physician shares with the parent that Hospital/Homebound services should be co​nsidered, based upon current medical information, ​the parent/guardian must complete and sign the following two forms: ​​Hospital H​omebound Information and Consent.pdf
  2. ​Return both signed forms to the Hospital/Homebound office: Fax: 386-943-3413, scan and email forms to Home Education-Hospital Homebound​​, or US mail to Hospital/Homebound at Atlantic High School, 1250 Reed Canal Road, Port Orange, FL 32129.
  3. Upon receipt of the above parent forms, the Hospital/Homebound office will communicate with the physician regarding the physician’s recommendation for Hospital/Homebound. All communication regarding the completed application must be exchanged between Volusia County Schools and the child’s physician. The Parent or Guardian may not deliver the Hospital/Homebound referral to the physician or return it to the Hospital/Homebound office.
  4. Once a completed referral from the physician is returned to the Hospital/Homebound office via fax or US Mail, contact will be made with the Placement Specialist at the child's zone school to schedule an eligibility meeting.
  5. Parents will be contacted regarding a staffing date and time to discuss eligibility/ineligibility for Hospital/Homebound services.  
  6. After reviewing all available student information, if the student is found eligible for Hospital/Homebound services, the committee will develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address educational goals, support services and service delivery model. If a student is found ineligible for Hospital/​ Homebound services, other available options will be shared with parents.
  7. Once the Hospital/Homebound referral expires (based upon the date range ​provided by the physician), instructional services through Hospital/Homebound will be considered for dismissal. Hospital/Homebound will not be available to the student without a medical extension from the physician. 

Process for extending Hospital/Homebound eligibility period:

  1. The Hospital/Homebound offic​e will notify the parent (via phone, email and/or US mail) in advance of the end date of services. If the student continues to demonstrate a need for Hospital/Homebound services, a medical extension form will need to be completed by the physician and returned to the Hospital/Homebound office.
  2. Hospital/Homebound services are designed to be temporary in nature. Occasionally, a student may require additional time on Hospital/Homebound beyond the dates specified by the physician; however, the placement on Hospital/Homebound can be reviewed at any time.
  3. Once Hospital/Homebound services expire, dismissal from Hospital/Homebound will be considered by an IEP committee with the physician's input. The student will be expected to return to school unless other arrangements are made by the parent.
  4. Upon receipt of a completed medical extension form from the physician, a special review may be set by the IEP committee to determine the need for a change in services with the Hospital​/ Homebound program.