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Re-enrolling After Discharge from HBS

Once Halifax Behavioral has informed you that your son/daughter is going to be discharged from the Day Treatment Program, you will need to immediately contact your child's school to make arrangements for them to re-enroll. The Day Treatment Program school staff cannot re-enroll your child for you.

  1. Phone or visit your child's school let them know expected date of return
  2. Ask if you need to make an appointment to complete enrollment process
  3. Ask what information you will need to bring with you to complete enrollment
  4. Let school know they will need to contact Jamie Stallman at to request that student is withdrawn from Halifax Behavioral Services once student returns to school.
  5. IMPORTANT: Students will not be withdrawn from the school portion of Day Treatment until the receiving school makes this withdrawal request.
  6. Student grades and other relevant school information from Day Treatment will be sent to appropriate staff at receiving school

*Note: For students previously identified under Exceptional Student Education and have an I.E.P. that was in place at the attending school, a meeting request will be sent to the attending school to schedule an I.E.P. meeting at the time of discharge.