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Inpatient Unit

Halifax Behavioral Services Inpatient Unit is a medical placement for children and adolescents who have been admitted to the hospital via Baker Act or voluntary parent admission. The admission period is typically 24 – 72 hours. Students remain on unit under the supervision of hospital staff until they are medically discharged.

In addition to therapeutic activities, students admitted to the Inpatient Unit will receive instruction through a Volusia County Schools teacher at various times during the school day. Academic lessons focus on math, reading and social/personal skills. The purpose of this instruction is not to earn academic grades that will be sent to the student's school, rather to engage students in a familiar routine that will also provide to the supervising physician information on the student's response to structure and compliance with classroom expectations.

While most students will participate in instruction, students will not be withdrawn from their attending school unless a record of student attendance in school is required during specific times of the school year. Information on the student's admission to the Inpatient Unit cannot be shared with the student's school without the written consent of parents. It is the responsibility of parents to provide documentation from Halifax Behavioral Services for student attendance purposes to the attending school in the event written consent hasn't been provided to Volusia County School's staff at Halifax Behavioral Services.