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Day Treatment Program

The Day Treatment Program is only available to school-age students who have been medically referred through Halifax Behavioral Services. Schools are not able to refer or place a student into the Day Treatment Program. The Day Treatment Program is designed as a short-term placement of 8-10 weeks with intensive therapeutic, medical and behavioral support for students who require close monitoring of behaviors and/or medication regimes. The Day Treatment Program school hours are 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Students are able to be dropped off at the program beginning at 7:45 A.M. Breakfast and lunch is provided to all students.

Students who reside in Volusia and Flagler Counties are eligible to be referred to the Day Treatment Program and receive instruction through Volusia County School's staff for the duration of their treatment period. Students will be withdrawn from their attending school while admitted to the Day Treatment Program. Daily transportation to and from the program must be arranged by the parent. Under some circumstances, Halifax Behavioral Services can assist parents with setting up transportation for student's age 14 years and up.

Classrooms in the Day Treatment Program are designed to meet the educational needs of students in K- 12th grade. Each of the classrooms is limited to 10 students. An Exceptional Student Education teacher and a paraprofessional are assigned to each Elementary, Middle, and High School classroom.

Virtual curriculum is utilized for the majority of the students placed into the Day Treatment Program. Classroom- based teachers support the virtual education curriculum through hands-on academic activities.  Daily activities are scheduled for all students including group therapy, individual therapy, recreational therapy and academics. Students who are in grades 9-12 are able to earn academic credit for successful participation in therapeutic activities with their teacher and Halifax Behavioral Services therapist.

Students who participate in the Day Treatment Program must be enrolled in the school portion of the program through Volusia County Schools. All grades and academic credit earned while admitted to the Day Treatment program will transfer with the student to the school they enroll in after discharge. This may be in the form or withdrawal grades, quarter grades, semester grades and/or final grades for year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my son/daughter enrolled in the Day Treatment Program myself?

A student can only be admitted to the Day Treatment Program through a referral from Halifax Behavioral Services. Students with current services through Halifax Behavioral can discuss this option with their physician and/or therapist. For more information on Halifax Behavioral Services, you can call 386-425-3900.

My child's school counselor suggested I bring him/her to Halifax Behavioral for a mental health screening. Is this the same as a referral to Day Treatment?

No, a mental health screening referral can be made by a school under circumstances where the safety of the child or others is in question. Halifax Behavioral will complete a free mental health screening for children and adolescents Monday – Friday from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. Screenings are completed in order of arrival, appointments are not available.

Where is Halifax Behavioral Services located?

841 Jimmy Ann Drive, Daytona Beach  32117

Will my child keep their same school schedule if they are enrolled in the Day Treatment Program?

Elementary and Middle School students will keep the same academic course schedule. All Elementary and Middle School students will be enrolled in a Social/Personal Skills course for their elective. Additional electives are not provided through the Day Treatment Program. High School students have a schedule created that offers the student the opportunity to continue with current school-based courses offered through virtual education. If current academic courses are not available, students are offered an opportunity to enroll in a course they previously failed or did not complete. All High School students are enrolled in Social/Personal Skills class for elective credit.

My child is enrolled in Honors and/or AP classes. Can they continue in these classes if they are admitted to the Day Treatment Program?

Certain Honors-level courses are available through virtual curriculum at the Day Treatment Program. Advanced Placement courses are not available.

Does my child need to have an I.E.P. to be able to attend the Day Treatment Program?

No, both general education and previously identified Students with Disabilities are able to attend the Day Treatment Program with a medical referral from Halifax Behavioral Services.

My child currently has a scholarship to attend a private or charter school. What happens if I enroll my child in the Day Treatment Program?

Certain scholarships will be forfeited if the student enrolls in the Day Treatment Program when school is in session. Please call the administrative office of the scholarship provider for additional information.

How will my child's school know they are going to attend the Day Treatment Program? Do I have to go to the school to get them withdrawn?

Schools are notified via phone and email to withdraw the student from the current school of enrollment once admission to the Day Treatment Program is complete. At this time, any withdrawal grades are also requested from the school. It is not necessary for parents to go to the attending school to have them withdrawn to Day Treatment if it is a public school.

Who decides how long my child stays in the Day Treatment Program?

The length of admission is determined by the supervising physician. Input from the classroom teacher and therapist is provided to the supervising physician on a continuous basis regarding student response to the therapeutic program.