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Annual Evaluation

The parent/guardian enrolling a student in a Home Education Program must:

  • Provide an Annual Evaluation for each student, no later than each anniversary of his/her date of registration with the Home Education Program as specified in section 1002.41, Florida Statutes
  • Retain each student’s portfolio for two years and make it available for inspection by the Superintendent’s designee, with a written notice.
  • Maintain a portfolio of records and materials including a daily log of educational activities and assessments.

Complete ONE of the following five options when submitting the Annual Evaluation

  1. Arrange for a Florida certified teacher (valid regular teaching certificate) chosen by the parent/guardian to evaluate the child’s educational progress based on a review of the portfolio and discussion with the student; or
  2. Arrange for the student to take a nationally-normed achievement test administered by a certified teacher; or
  3. Participate in a state student assessment test used by the school district and administered by a certified teacher, at a location and under testing conditions approved by the school district; or 
  4. Arrange for the student to be evaluated by an individual holding a valid, active license pursuant to the provisions of s. 490.003(7) or (8); or
  5. Submit an unofficial transcript verifying four or more classes have been completed through Volusia Online Learning or FLVS Flex. One class is equivalent to both segments/terms/semesters.

Click HERE for a current list of evaluators.