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Child Find

FDLRS Child Find and Parent Services 

FDLRS Child Find, in coordination with the school districts, locates children who are potentially eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and links them with needed services.  Service coordination for diagnostic screening, placement, training, and support is also provided. FDLRS Child Find and Parent Services provide information, training, and support to districts and families to promote effective parent participation in the education of their children.  

Do you know a preschool child who is having difficulty in one or more of the following areas?

Speaking clearly (Speech)
Following directions; using sentences (Language)
Holding utensils, running, walking (Motor)
Self-feeding, dressing, or toileting (Self-Help)
Interacting/playing with other children (Social Skills)
Learning colors, letters or matching (Cognitive)

For a FREE developmental screening call:
(386) 734-7190, Extension 52841

Child Find Resources: