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Visual Supports For Home and School Environments

Visual supports are used at school, home, and in the community to support student learning, communication, social skills, and behavioral regulation. Here, parents and educators will find frequently requested visual tools ready for use in their classrooms and homes. Teachers can continue to customize materials by using the VAATT Visual Support Request Form.

About Visual Supports

Home Environment

Behavior and Emotional Regulation

Schedules and Checklists

Visuals to Facilitate Communication and Support Academics

School Environment

Core Word Boards Optimized For Copy Center

These updated Boardmaker core word boards have been optimized for printing by the Copy Center, with the entire printable area used and words/icons made as legible as possible. The Copy Center can also laminate these at any of the standard sizes. The 20/30/50 word boards are in 8.5x11" letter format that can be printed also as 18x24" half-poster or 24x36" full poster sizes. The 72 word board is in 8.5x14" legal format that can also be printed in poster sizes but there will be some blank area above and below the image. For custom, interactive or teacher lanyard versions of the 72 core word board please contact Susan Alonso (FDLRS) at