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Only a student whose IEP requires special education, transition planning, transition services, or related services through the age of 21 may defer receipt of a standard diploma. The decision to accept or defer the standard diploma must be made during the school year in which the student is expected to meet all requirements for the standard diploma.


By January of the student's senior year, schools must inform parents and eligible students in writing of the option to defer the receipt of a standard high school diploma.

  • The decision to accept or to defer the standard high school diploma must be made by May.   
  • Students may defer to enroll in the programs listed below:
    1. Accelerated College Credit Instruction
    2. Industry Certification Courses
    3. Collegiate High School program
    4. Scholar Designation courses
    5. Structured work-study/Internship or pre-apprenticeship program 
  • VCS Diploma Deferment Flowchart