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Individual Education Plan (IEP) Compliance

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is the foundation of an eligible child’s individualized special education program as defined by federal regulations.

The IEP is a management tool tailored to the individual child’s needs to ensure implementation of the recommended special education and related services.

The IEP describes how the student learns, how the student demonstrates learning and how teachers and service providers will help the student learn more effectively.

Key considerations by the IEP committee when developing an eligible child’s IEP include assessing all areas related to the known disabilities, the child’s ability to access the general curriculum, considering how the disability affects the child’s learning, determining goals and objectives that correspond to the child’s needs and addressing the least restrictive environment for the student.

An IEP is meant to ensure a child receives a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Parents have the right to bring another adult of their choice to any ESE related meetings with school district personnel without any discouragement or harassment.

District Placement Specialists

​​​​A District Placement Specialist (DPS) is a district representative who is knowledgeable of the provision of special education, general education curriculum and school district resources. The DPS is well-informed of federal and state regulations/statutes while monitoring the implementation for the district and schools.

DPS ensure students eligible for special education and related services receive their services in the least restrictive environment while providing a free appropriate public education.

IEP Compliance Resources


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