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For Parents

​​​Parents Actively Involved

Parents are a vital part of a gifted student's education. Research clearly shows that students who have an adult who is actively involved in their learning are much more successful. Volusia County Schools' Gifted Program welcomes parents to become a part of the team that will provide an in-depth learning experience for their child. Opportunities for involvement include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)
  • Tutoring
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


VCS Gifted Referral Process

Student demonstrates gifted characteristics as evidenced by strong academic performance and advanced critical thinking/problem solving ability.

  • Parent/guardian and/or teacher contact school counselor to discuss the possibility of gifted evaluation
  • Parent/guardian and teacher complete gifted characteristics checklist provided by the school counselor
  • If academic data and Gifted Characteristics suggest the need to move forward, the school counselor completes Gifted Screening Criteria Checklist

If screening criteria requirements are not met: student is not referred for testing and process ends.

If screening criteria requirements are met: student is referred for testing.


Gifted Sites

View the document below that lists each elementary school. Find the school that your student is zoned to attend. If he/she receives gifted services, then look at the top of the list to see where services are provided. That is the school where your student would attend.

All middle schools and all high schools provide service at their zoned school. For driving directions to any school site, click on the Schools tab above.