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ESOL and Title III

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a comprehensive program which provides instruction to improve the English language proficiency of students at all levels. ESOL instruction integrates instructional techniques for teaching English as a Second Language in accordance with the curriculum standards requirements. The curriculum provides an equal amount of instruction, scope and sequence as that of the mainstream education students. The students considered for these classes function at different levels of English, come from diverse backgrounds and may speak various native languages. Our teachers facilitate our students through the use of ESOL strategies, and accommodations in order to help them meet their instructional needs in a comprehensible manner.

Program Goal

The goal of the ESOL program is to ensure that all English language learners entering Volusia County Schools will acquire oral language development, English language literacy, and content knowledge to prepare them to participate successfully with their English-speaking peers in all academic areas of the general education curriculum.

Program Objectives

  • To facilitate English language acquisition in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • To ensure academic achievement
  • To facilitate attainment of the curriculum standards
  • To recognize and value the English language learner's native language and culture
  • To promote high expectations for English language learners

Mission Statement​

The mission of the Volusia County ESOL Program is to recognize and meet the educational needs of our English language learners and prepare them to actively  contribute as citizens of a global society.

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Gianna Acevedo Alamo
​ESOL/Title III Coordinator

(386) 734-7190 ext. 23038
Isabel Velez
Office Specialist
(386) 734-7190 Ext. 23070
​ESOL Elementary Specialist

(386) 734-7190 ext. 23070
Lucianne Tirado
ESOL Secondary Specialist
(386) 734-7190 ext. 23071
Marie Velez
Translation Specialist
(386) 734-7190 ext. 23020
ESOL Compliance Resource Teacher
(386) 734-7190 ext. 23070
Ines Ramos-Feliciano
Dual Language Resource Teacher​
(386) 734-7190 ext. 23070
Dr. Angelica Pereles-Coleman
World Languages Resource Teacher​
(386) 734-7190 ext 23070
Bethzaida Sotomayor​
ESOL Elementary Resource Teacher 
(386) 734-7190 ext 23070
Amaris Mendoza
ESOL Elementary Resource Teacher
(386) 734-7190 ext 23070
Silvia Mejia
ESOL Elementary Resource Teacher
(386) 734-7190 ext 23070
Yelitza Lopez-Toledo
ESOL Secondary Resource Teacher​
(386) 734-7190 ext 23070