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Adoption Process

Below are Volusia County's Publisher Policies and our Instructional Materials Adoption Timeline

Adoption Process

General Publisher Policies District Instructional Materials Adoption Process

Publishers who have instructional materials that have been adopted by the state of Florida should be aware of the following restrictions placed on their activities in Volusia County.

  1. All communications, including visitations, with schools or subject area specialists regarding an adoption in Volusia County must be cleared through the District Instructional Materials Specialist.
  2. Publishers or manufacturers of instructional materials shall not host any social activities (dinners, retreats, receptions, etc.) of any kind for any School District of Volusia County employee or representative to promote or otherwise attempt to influence the adoption of their materials.*
  3. Teachers and administrators shall not be offered gifts, gift certificates, or other enticements by any representative of a publisher or manufacturer of instructional materials.*
  4. Volusia County follows state statute [1006.32 (3) F.S.] regarding pilot programs: “No school district or publisher may participate in a pilot program of materials being considered for adoption during the 18-month period before the official adoption of the materials by the commissioner. Any pilot program during the first 2 years of the adoption period must have the prior approval of the commissioner.”
  5. There is to be no contact with schools, employees, and district representatives during the adoption, except for the Instructional Materials Specialist.

Publishers will be sent this notification with dates once they are identified as being on the state-adopted/district approved list for the upcoming adoption(s) and adoption plans have been finalized.

Any representative of a publisher or manufacturer of instructional materials found in violation of these rules involving the adoption process in Volusia County may have their materials withdrawn from further consideration by the Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Services.

Note: *(Items 2 and 3 above would not prohibit teachers or administrators from participating in functions of professional organizations where vendors may be a sponsor.)