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Student Health Records

Emergency Card Information

By law an Emergency Information Card must be completed annually by a parent or guardian for each student enrolled in the school. This card contains current health information concerning the student, notice of the student’s participation in screening programs, information needed in case of illness or injury and permission for the school to act in an emergency when the parents or their designees can not be reached.

Emergency Information Cards are color coded for quick reference and identification and are recommended for students with special health care needs. Clinic staff should be knowledgeable of the medical needs of all students with special health care needs.

Before the end of the first week of school the card will be sent home with the students. The cards are to be completed by the parents and returned to the school. These cards are for confidential clinic use only.

Student Cumulative Health Record

School health records are a cumulative record of each student’s health status. These records are required by state law to be a part of the school record. They are open to the pupil’s parents or legal guardian and to the student if eighteen or older. The health record must be an objective record and in conformity with school policy and law. School health records are to be transferred between schools and are to be included with the academic record when the pupil is no longer in school.​