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Supporting Military Youth and Families

​In 2008, the Legislature enacted the Interstate Compact Information on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. The compact is based on model legislation developed by the Council of State Governments and the United States Department of Defense (DOD). The compact enables member states to uniformly address various educational transition issues faced by children of active-duty military families. The compact establishes state and national level governing bodies to administer the compact among member states. States may join the compact by enacting a law adopting the compact. More than thirty states including Florida  are members of the compact.

What Schools Should Know

Military Child Initiative

There are approximately 1.5 million children and youth in public schools in the United States whose parents are in the military. Based on a generation of research evidence, the Military Child Initiative has identified the highly protective role that schools can play to foster school connectedness that moderates the academic, social and health behavior risks and promotes student engagement for this population of young people.