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Teen Parent Program

The Volusia County Schools' Teen Parent Program is authorized by Florida Statute 1003.54. Services are provided for male and female pregnant and/or parenting students until graduation.

Students in the program can:

  • remain in their zoned school with their peers while pregnant and parenting;
  • receive district-supported childcare at any licensed daycare of their choice;
  • receive school bus transportation for their babies under specific conditions;
  • earn elective credit(s) in Parenting course with instruction in pre- and postnatal education and parenting skills.

What does it cost to participate in this program?

  • The Teen Parent Program is free of charge for all pregnant and/or parenting students of Volusia County Schools, both male and female.
  • ​Childcare is provided free of charge at a participating licensed childcare facility of your choice. A few facilities charge a parent fee. However, many times that is negotiable for students.
  • School bus transportation for mother/father and baby is provided free of charge when parents are transportation-eligible and the chosen childcare facility is located on their bus route.

Important Program Information


Pregnant and/or parenting students, male and female, are eligible for services. Students must meet the following guidelines to obtain and maintain district-supported childcare:

  1. Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  2. Actively pursue a high school diploma or certificate of completion.
  3. Maintain acceptable attendance as defined by district policy.
  4. Maintain acceptable behavior as defined by district policy.
  5. Take or have successfully passed a for-credit parenting course with Volusia County Schools.


What should I do first?

Contact the district Teen Parent Program representative, Ms. Janet Gierhart, to learn about the variety of educational options available to you. Mrs. Gierhart can be reached via email at or phone at 386-734-7190 ext. 20085.

A face-to-face meeting will be scheduled at the district administrative complex office located at 200 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, FL 32720 in the Brewster Building, Archives and Records Office.

If you are under 18 years of age, a parent/guardian must sign the necessary paperwork required for entry into the Program.

Steps to register and enroll in the Teen Parent Program:

  1. If you are not enrolled in a Volusia County School, meet with your school guidance counselor to register for classes.
  2. If you are a student receiving exceptional education services, there must be a review of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) prior to enrollment in the Teen Parent Program.
  3. Call and visit childcare facilities to find an opening in the one that is right for your baby.
    • If you need help finding a childcare, contact the ELC (Early Learning Coalition) to determine the best fit for your baby. ELC website:
  4. Schedule a time with meet with Mrs. Blair and bring the following documents to register your baby:
    • Baby's certified birth certificate from the Health Department 
    • Baby's updated shot record from pediatrician - Form DH680 Florida Certificate of Immunization
    • Baby's Student Examination form from pediatrician - Form 3040
    • Baby's social security number
  5. After enrollment of the baby and parent are complete, the teen will take a wavier to the Early Learning Coalition (ELC website: and the childcare provider

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