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School Choice Frequently Asked Questions

Controlled Open Enrollment Plan 

School Board Policy 203 Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want my child to attend a school that is not his/her zoned school. What do I need to ​​do?

You must complete a school choice application​. School choice applications are accepted for the upcoming year from January 3, 2024 through March 1, 2024 you can complete the online application through your parent portal account.

2. Can I apply for more than one School Choice Assignment in the same year?

No, a student may receive only one choice assignment in a school year.

3. I do not have access to ​a computer to do an online application. Do I have another option?

Yes, you may complete a paper application. Paper school choice applications may be obtained at any Volusia County School

4. May I discontinue a Choice assignment at any time?

No, a parent or legal guardian may discontinue a choice assignment within a school year at the end of a grading period or semester.

5. If I attend a school ​​other than my zoned school, can I still ride the bus to school?

Student bus transportation is only guaranteed when the student attends his/her zoned school, and resides outside of the school’s 2-mile walk zone. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for transportation for students attending a choice school, and ensuring their students arrive on time to school.

6. What determines ​​if a school choice request is approved?

A request is approved if capacity at the requested school ​is available and class size will not be adversely impacted. To see capacity information for all schools, click on School Choice Process.

7. How long can I wait to enroll my student in the school of choice?

If a student fails to begin attending classes at the assigned school by the third day of the new school year, the choice assignment shall be deemed forfeited.

8. Can I appeal if my application is denied? 

Yes, if you applied for a school choice during the controlled open enrollment window, and was denied, you may contact School Choice Department for an appeal form. Please note, that a student that is waitlisted is not considered denied.