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Substance Abuse

Volusia County Schools has partnered with Stewart Marchman Act to provide in-school Substance abuse screenings, education, information dissemination, problem identification and referral for youth.
Substance Abuse Counselors:

  • conduct substance abuse evaluations for students suspended for drug or alcohol related offenses and refer for intervention services. 
  • provide consultation and intervention services for students who have not committed a drug or alcohol related offense but are at high-risk for drug and/or alcohol involvement.

Substance abuse referrals can come from administration, school counselors, teachers, parents, etc.

Required Instruction

The State Board of Education approved three additional Comprehensive Health Education topics for implementation beginning with the 2019-2020 school year as part of required instruction through section 1003.42 (2)(n), Florida Statutes. The instruction for youth mental and emotional health advances each year through developmentally appropriate instruction and skill building.

The required Comprehensive Health Topics can all be found in Rule 6A-1.094124, F.A.C.

Substance Use & Abuse Education requires school districts to annually provide instruction to students in grades K-12 related to youth substance use and abuse health education, and institutes procedures for school districts to document planning and delivery of instruction.

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