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Bully Prevention

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Volusia County Schools is dedicated to our students achieving lifelong academic, behavioral, social and emotional success. The District’s comprehensive School Board Policy 509 is designed to help ensure all our students feel safe and respected while attending school. The Policy 509 specifically prohibits bullying / harassment (based upon race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability) of or by any District student or employee, with consequences for those acts that meet the definition of bullying as defined in the policy.

The Hope Scholarship Program is a state of Florida school choice program. The scholarship is available for eligible students to select and attend another public or private school of choice. Students who have reported a qualified incident that took place at a K-12 public school/event may be eligible. For more information on the HOPE scholarship go to

Helpful Links

  • VCS Bullying Manual - coming soon