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Immigrant Support

What is the Immigrant Support Program?

The Immigrant Support Program is a set aside allocation of Title III and aims to support newly arrived immigrant children, youth and families. The program provides supplemental services and acculturation needs to identified immigrant students.


Newly arrived immigrant children and youth applies to individuals who:

A. are ages 3 through 21; and
B. were born outside the United States or United States territories; and
C. have attended less than 3 academic years in any school in the United States


Services available once eligibility is determined:

  • supplemental support and academic services (tutoring, school materials, supplemental academic materials, student support during Summer Boot Camp)
  • outreach referral services (food, clothing, medical, vision and dental)
  • facilitate opportunities for parent and community involvement
  • support with acculturation through mentoring, guided group, or case management
  • advocacy on behalf of and in collaboration with parents and students for educational rights and services


Contact Information:

Emily Taylor, Program Specialist
(386) 734-7190 Ext. 44745
Toni Margison, Resource Teacher
Jennipher Nieves, Resource Teacher
Dr. Angelica Pereles-Coleman, Resource Teacher
Contact our department if there are any students who meet the identifiable
criteria and are in need of these supplemental services.