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How to Order Your High School Transcripts

Please contact the last school you attended to request your transcript if you are CURRENTLY ENROLLED in Volusia County Schools or have graduated/withdrew from a Volusia County School within the past 3 years.​

Official Transcript (Cost - $5.00):  Includes School Seal and Signature

You just need to complete the following Steps:

  1. Download and Complete the Student Records Authorization Form, attach your Photo ID, and submit it via email. 
    The form has the email address located in the upper right corner. 

    Student Records Release Authorization Form
  2. Submit your $5.00 Transcript Fee payment using the link below. When the page opens up make sure that you select V - District Community Shopping Cart from the pulldown menu. Look for item called "Transcript Fee $5.00" and click Add to Cart. Then checkout and complete your payment. 

                                    Community Store - Volusia - Focus (

    Make sure that under Community Store it says "V - District Community Shopping Cart" so that you will see the payment choIces. If it does not say this, then you will need to click on Change School, select this title from pull down menu click Go.


Transcript Immunization Payment

Unofficial Transcript (FREE):  No Signature or School Seal

You just need to download and complete the Student Records Authorization form. In your email please state that you are requesting an 'Unofficial Transcript'.


Please Note:

Student records are confidential and can only be released by the student's written consent once they attain 18 years of age.

  • If you received a GED, please call the Florida Department of Education GED office at 1-877-352-4331.
  • If you received an Adult High School Diploma, please call Daytona State College Adult Education Office at 386-506-3162 or 386-506-3543.
  • SAT and ACT scores may not always be available on High School Transcripts, please call 1-866-756-7346 for SAT scores, and 319-337-1000 for ACT scores.


If you have any questions, please contact Pattie Gunter at (386) 734-7190  Ext. 20430 or Email -