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2019-2020 School Financial Report

Dear Parents, Guardians and Concerned Citizens:  

In an attempt to better inform parents and the public of resources that were available to the school, the Florida Legislature enacted Senate Bill 1546, which requires the distribution of an annual school financial report to the public. Figures are compiled by the Department of Education using the district's 2019-2020 financial data. The following are some points of interest: 

  • Revenues and operating costs are combined for the General Operating, Federal Programs, and Food Service Funds. 
  • Revenues are based on the school's total costs. 
  • Operating costs are reported in total and per full-time equivalent student by school, district, and state. 
  • Amounts reported represent only school-level costs. 
  • Capital expenditures for new schools are not included. 
  • Teachers/Paraprofessionals are further defined under "Additional Detail Information" in the specific program in which they provide direct classroom instruction to students. 
  • Specific operating costs are listed for materials, supplies, and operating capital that were purchased for direct classroom instruction and library media. State data for these items were unavailable. 

Due to the fact that this report combines three different types of fund sources (General Operating, Federal Programs, and Food Service), we do not recommend using it as a planning document or for any comparisons between schools.  

We will continue our efforts, with the public's support and guidance, of focusing on the needs of our students in setting priorities and allocating district and school-level resources in support of effective school practices. 

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